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Since 2004, Tension Release has offered a variety of massage therapies and myotherapy in corporate, sports and clinical environments.

Our clinic is located at St Kilda Road Towers, suite 214, 1 Queens Road Melbourne.

Whether you're a sportsperson, trades person, a professional who works in an office or you're a stay at home mum or dad, young or older, anyone can suffer from a range of musculoskeletal conditions or acute pain.

Our experienced therapists provide "hands on" solutions assisting in repair of musculoskeletal dysfunction, injuries and postural imbalances caused by tension in the muscles or other soft tissue components such as fascia, tendons and ligaments. Restoring the body’s own healing potential by balancing soft tissue length, reducing tension and improving our body’s ability to heal using a range of techniques.

Our professional qualified therapists are accredited with Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

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